Our Products

Our materials are of commercial quality and high performance.

All of the materials we work with are commercial grade and high performance materials. These include silicones, urethanes, polyurea, latex, acrylic, butyl rubber. All residential and commercial constructions are sealed with silicone caulk or urethane caulk. We use the same materials on all commercial units and residential units.

We can recommend the material to be used depending on the type of surface to be sealed.


Sonnerborn NP1

Mastic polyuréthane élastomérique à application au pistolet à un composant.
NP1™ is a one-component, high-performance, nonpriming, gun-grade, elastomeric polyurethane sealant. It requires no mixing and typically requires no priming to bond to many materials, including concrete and masonry. It comes in 25 different colors and may be applied up to -10 degrees Celsius.The guarantee that we offer when we use this product is 25 years on installation and labor.

Sonnerborn NP2

Sonnerborn NP2

NP 2™ is a three-component, highly flexible, nonpriming, high-performance polyurethane sealant. It has been successfully tested for joint movement of plus or minus 50%. It is applied with a bazooka and requires blending the materials. It is applied the same way as the NP1.

When to use this product:

  • When there is a risk of unexpected movements
  • Use in cold temperature (up to -20degrees Celsius), accelerating the initial application
  • 463 custom colors available
  • resistant to fire and very high-pressure water
The guarantee that we offer when we use this product is 25 years on installation and labor.
ADSEAL 4580 Scellant

Adseal 4580 by Adfast

100% silicone sealant for optimal durability. Ideal for installing doors and windows as well as wood, aluminum or vinyl siding. Offers excellent adhesion to glass, concrete, masonry, vinyl and metals. Non-corrosive, non-yellowing and weather-resistant. Available in several colors that perfectly matches your project!

SWS by G.E.

SWS by G.E.

A neutral-cure silicone sealant for basic joint sealing applications. SWS is a replacement for polyurethane sealants in a range of applications.

PERFORMANCE: Movement capability – with +/-35% movement capability, SWS can accommodate movements in extension and compression cycling. Silicone durability – once cured, silicone exhibits excellent long-term resistance to natural weathering, including: extreme temperatures, ultraviolet radiation, rain and snow, with negligible change in elasticity. Adhesion – SWS features primerless adhesion to most nonporous construction materials, eliminating the risks associated with improper primer application on those materials and reducing costs associated with primer and subsequent labor. SWS can be used with many substrates and finishes, including: glass, polycarbonate, vinyl, plastics, stucco, concrete, brick, aluminum, and wood.

Dymeric 240 Tremco

Dymeric 240 Tremco

Multi-Component Polyurethane Sealant

Dymeric® 240 is a multi-component, chemically-curing, epoxidized polyurethane sealant specially formulated for dynamically moving building joints. Dymeric 240 is a non-sag, general purpose sealant providing flexible, long life, durable, weathertight seals for both new construction and renovation projects in many types of buildings.

Dow Corning Contractors Weatherproofing Sealant

Dow Corning Contractors Weatherproofing Sealant (CWS)

Dow Corning Contractors Weatherproofing Sealant (CWS) is a multipurpose, weather resistant silicone sealant formulated for sealing expansion and control joints, concrete and tilt-up panel joints, and caulking of windows, doors and panels.

CWS requires no primer on most common porous and non-porous building materials, including concrete, masonry and aluminum. Available in cartridges or sausage in 29 colours.

Dow Corning silicone sealants preserve adhesion and elasticity under the most extreme conditions, including high humidity and UV exposure. They are easy to use, odourless, and provide long-term durability.

Spectrem 3 – Tremco

Spectrem 3 – Tremco

Non-Staining, Low Dirt Pickup, Low-Modulus Silicone Sealant

Spectrem® 3 is a general-purpose, low-modulus, high-performance, one-part, neutral-cure, non-staining, low dirt pickup, construction-grade silicone sealant.

Basic Uses

Patented chemistry has been specifically formulated to seal porous stone, EIFS, metal panels, masonry and precast concrete joints.

Can be used without primer on most porous surfaces.


Spectrem 2 – Tremco

High-Performance, Silicone Sealant

Spectrem® 2 is a medium-modulus, one-part, high-performance, neutral-cure silicone sealant ideal for a variety of perimeter caulking and glazing applications. Spectrem 2 exhibits primerless adhesion to many common building materials. All structural glazing applications must be reviewed and approved by Tremco Technical Service prior to the application of Spectrem 2.

Can be used on substrates such as aluminum, glass, steel, painted metal, plastic, stone, concrete and brick. Can be used for two-sided structural glazing, perimeter and weather seals. Can be used for cap, heel and toe beads. Can be used on curtainwall or window joints.


Spectrem 1 – Tremco

Spectrem® 1 is an ultra low-modulus, high-performance, one-part, moisture-curing silicone joint sealant.

An ideal sealant for sealing the most demanding dynamically moving joints including material having a high coefficient of linear expansion such as aluminum curtainwalls, precast concrete panels, metal panels and window perimeters. Formulated for expansion, control, lap joints, and EIFS applications.

The recommended sealant for use with Tremco’s ExoAir® Air Barrier Systems, patented Proglaze® ETA Engineered Transition Assemblies and Tremco’s Silicone Rubber Extrusions to ensure an airtight seal throughout the building envelope. It has excellent adhesion to most polyethylene-backed self-adhering air barrier membranes. Can be used as an adhesive in conjunction with Spectrem Simple Seal. Simple Seal is used as a bridge seal in both new construction and restoration work. (Please refer to the Simple Seal data sheet for more on this product).

Dynomic – Tremco

High-Performance, Low-Modulus Expansion Joint Sealant

Dymonic® is a high performance, low modulus, one-component, moisture-uring, modified polyurethane joint sealant. Dymonic exhibits tenacious adhesion, which will not diminish over product life. Dymonic may be used in any vertical or horizontal joint designed in accordance with accepted architectural/engineering practices.

Mulco Supra Expert

Mulco Supra Expert


DESCRIPTION: Very durable architectural sealant based on selected thermoplastic polymer rubbers. Dries by evaporation of the solvent

This product is based on rubber thermoplastic polymers. This sealant is also high performance due to its adhesion and flexibility. It can stretch up to 1400 %. It applies very well and most surfaces and can be used up to -5 degrees Celsius. When using this product, we guarantee our work 10 years on installation and labor.

Sikaflex 1A

Sikaflex 1A

Sikaflex 1a is a one component elastomeric polymer product.

This sealant is designed for joints with maximum depth of 13 mm (1/2 in) and a maximum expansion of 35%.

The majority of the time, it is used in new buildings and it is considered to be #1 for contractors.

It is not better than the other products, but it is very popular in the construction area. It is for this reason that we offer this product to our clients. In new construction, we give a guarantee of 10 years.

bond-flex 300

Bond-Flex 300 Silicone Sealant

This product is used on bathrooms, kitchens thermo…. It is used since it is a product that glues extremely well on smooth surfaces. For this reason we are able to give a guarantee of 10 years.

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