Infrared Thermography

Our company offers infrared thermography services.

Why infrared thermography?

Infrared thermography is a technique of recording the temperature of objects and materials using infrared rays.
Les caméras infrarouges enregistrent la température des surfaces auscultées en différents points. Elles reproduisent ces mesures en une image couleur appelée thermogramme.

This image reports the temperatures recorded according to a color code. Cold spots are represented by a gradation of cold colors: green, blue, purple, up to black, which represents the coldest temperature. In contrast, the higher the temperature on the surface of an element, the warmer its representation, starting from yellow to orange, red and then white.

The observation of hotter or colder surface points can betray an anomaly. For example, a portion of bluish wall on a thermogram captured from the inside, in winter, could denounce the absence of thermal insulation. In such a case, the same wall section subjected to the infrared camera from the outside would then appear in warm colors due to the heat loss.

Why infrared thermography?


Avec l’augmentation des coûts de chauffage, de plus en plus de propriétaires s’inquiètent de l’efficacité énergétique de leur maison et une inspection thermographique infrarouge peut agir comme un audit énergétique de votre maison. Calfeutrage MJM peut vous aider à identifier les défauts cachés tels que:

  • Structural issues
  • Insufficient insulation, missing or deteriorated
  • Air infiltration
  • Intrusion and moisture accumulation
  • Potential for mold in walls and ceilings
  • Unsuitable or poorly applied flashings or sealants

Infrared (IR) inspection is a fast, non-invasive way to monitor and diagnose the condition of buildings. The combination of infrared inspections and traditional home inspection services helps to better understand and provide more reliable information about a home or building.

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